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Hello & Welcome to the Voice of the Horse
A transformational approach to Relationship- 
Personal, Professional, Planetary with Horses as our guides

 As we evolve as conscious beings so too do our four legged friends 

This site is just about that.  As a healer, communicator, and educator

I have a passion for horses and an advocate for the

Voice of the Horse

 With many years of working with horses I find them to be spiritual beings

that teach humans how to transform oneself in this world we live in. Through these teachings from the horses you will find more about me, my experiences with horses, the abilities I carry, and the services I provide

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and right doing there is a field.  I'll meet you there.  RUMI



Relationship Mentoring-Well Being Enhancement-Communication-

-Private &Group Sessions-

     VOH Equine Assisted Learning 
    Individual Programs

   Group Programs

   Corporate Program

Working with Voice of the Horse is like having an "Aha" moment at times when your faced with a challenge . 

This transformation process comes straight from the horse,

 then translated through Alyson to give you guidance, support, and solutions.

Once you learn to integrate the Voice of the Horse process your level of awareness will shift since you hold the key and the horse holds the magic.  


Alyson Chandler, Your Facilitator

Spiritual Healer, Educator, and Communicator

a supportive guide helping along life's journey


Certified Equine Stress Control Practitioner -Animal Reiki Practitioner-Spiritual Teacher - Personal & Professional Growth Mentor-Intuitive Holistic Healer-Animal Communicator, Advocate, Educator, Speaker-Corporate Business Consultant, EAL/EAP Facilitator

I see you have met my horse through the pictures presented here.  She is a Lipizzaner they are a very rare breed and  have survived hundreds of years and carry wisdom though the ages.   She and I have partnered together for 18 year now and we at Voice of the Horse are here to provide you with these wisdom's through our VOH programs here to assist you through these challenging times along your life journey.


So what is Voice of the Horse about? Well I can tell you what it is not- it is not a horse rider training program -yet what you gain from a VOH program it is a perfect venue for that work. If you are a horse owner, or not, the VOH transformational process and programs provide insights for you to develop fulfilling relationships with all you interact with.

It is not an animal communication program as communication is one aspect of the integrated process.


The objective of the Voice of the Horse is to transform and shift your perspective to a state of stress less well being.  Improving ones relationship with self, others, and how one chooses to live life.    

If you are in the area we can work with you in person and I will be available to travel to you (I drew the short straw on that one as she said her pasture is her place-told ya she was smart!) .  If in person is not available  then via internet and phone are effective ways to  provide the services you require.

Check out the Services & Programs offered then go to the Booking section to see how each service is offered.  Contact us at VOH with any questions as we are here to support you and your journey.  Our services are tailored to your personal needs and a short questionnaire will be required to complete for your selected service.

CONTACT US We'd love to h"EAR" from you

Thanks! Message sent.

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