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  • Alyson Chandler

This is where we are going in 2013 and Beyond

History repeats itself by way of evolution. The mysteries of life are becoming self-evident. The relationship of human and earth are not separate but integral to the formation of the future aspect of oneself. In other words the connection between civilization and earth are synonymous with Creator GOD.

Therefore it is of vital importance to recognize and realize that one cannot exist without the other for it is the life line of each system to interact upon the whole. Divided we fail, in unity of co-existence, undivided; we conquer the threat of nonexistence for ourselves, our civilization, and the planet.

It is the way of the world in which we live today and of our future. Therefore the inability to co-exist becomes the only way out of existence. It is so divinely planned to come to this awakening and realization that we are much more then mere physical bodies that roam this planet.

As the flowers, trees, birds, and bees are part of existence equally as important is each physical body contributing to the whole that is why there can no longer be separation, no longer suffering as we are each a part of that whole.

When we see something that does not align with us we automatically understand the injustice of the act just as we feel and breathe. We are affected by it on all levels; no matter how big or small the impact of the act is, it is greatly magnified as truth being revealed through our energetic systems.

We are here to advance our evolution through the co-existence of all that is with a reverence to that which is.

Communicated through Alyson – from Mother-1/4/2013©


Consider this as a perspective - As the air we breathe, the waters and lands we protect so too must we protect human beings as a Natural Resource.

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