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The Natural Nature of Horse & Human Being the Bridge to open the Door

Our humanity is facing concerns of our existence that have never been experienced before. Since the turn of the current century, we have forged into a shift of change at a rapid pace. This pace has been pressurizing our societies to keep up. But too where and what?

Technology wonders have provided a worldwide communication network. New currencies have developed and changed our worldwide monitory system. The old economies are struggling to maintain their power, and the overall health care of humanity went into a tailspin with a worldwide epidemic. The old regime of government control is struggling to exist. All our structures we have depended on in the past are being continually challenged.

The evolution of unity consciousness is moving towards human consciousness worldwide. More is being revealed to humanity that aligns the natural energies needing to exist and created, in order, for the human species to continue. To awaken us into a new existence chaos survives. It is as if Father Sky and Mother Earth are sending strong messages to humans, to decide if they wish to stay on this heavenly body we call Earth. The way we have existed is changing! Good news is out of the chaos comes the Blessings.

In Panache Desai book entitled “You are Enough”

he states:

“All of Nature is dominated with Harmony.

Harmony is authenticity, it is the essential nature of everything.

Plants and animals are always connected to who they are.”

Horses are fully aligned with their authentic nature.

So, what does this have to do with Humans?

Horses today have a new purpose with the focus of supporting humanity during these troublesome times. History has showed they have weathered eons of change on this planet and today are holding space for humanity to evolve and move forward to a united existence.

Horses are participating in active roles working within communities that challenge societies norms. You find them in therapeutic programs for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal. They are entering into our nursing and hospitals bring joy, happiness, and comfort to those in need.

Advanced beings are partnering with Horses to bring new awareness to those seeking personal discovery and growth. Horse-Man-Ship has become obsolete in the way of old energies that no longer serve Horses or Humans. Horses are the teachers today helping humanity to align with the new natural energies.

We can embrace horses as natural healers by understanding their natural way of life.

To study nature and the inner workings of herd dynamics as a species can be a key to human survival.

For humans to understand their true natural nature and to live an authentic love based life is through

the teachings of earth’s sacred wisdoms, and from the voice of horses

Authored ©by

Alyson J. Chandler

Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Equine Assisted Facilitator


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