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  • Alyson Chandler

Roads I've Traveled-Bio

I consider myself conscious channel, intuitive healer and energy worker for the Divine. Knowing at a very young age that there were things I knew that others did not which set the course for exploring this life and what it was about for myself and my soul. As a young adult I lived a pretty traditional lifestyle by our cultural standards. Working in Corporate America, raising a family, marriage & divorce, etc.   I made a conscious commitment to a call to service in 1996 and have been pursuing my spiritual path since. Listing of Various Training,Teachers,Personal Explorations Personal & Business Consultant-2004-Current

Animal Practitioner

Animal Communicator-young child-present Healing work with rescue horses-2003 Horse Owner-2004-Current Equine Stress Control Practitioner-2013  Animal Reiki Practitioner-2016

EAL Equine Assisted Learning/EAP Equine Assisted Philosophy Training Certification-2019

Creative Endeavors

Writer"Lessons of life" Booklet Published Articles on Spiritual Growth & Personal Development Deck of Cards Creator-Soul Communication

Meditation with GOD

Spiritual Journey-Mystic Mentor and Natural Healer: Direction from various Ascended Masters through Mediation-1995-current Healer & Channel 1997-present Ministerial Ordination Order of Melchizedek -May 1997 Triple Helix Field Unifier Training-1997 HeartSoul Healing Center-Owner-1998-2001 WE Conference Speaker-1998-2002 Qigong Level I-IV-2000 Essential Oils Integrated Training-2001 Tibetan Lama Venerable ZaChoeje Rinpoche-Medicine Buddha Empowerment-2001 Navajo Medicine Women 2001-2004 Mongolian Shamana-2002 Psychic Robert Petro Mind Journey Training -2004 Spiritual Retreats -Sedona & Yucatan-1998-2004 http:/

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