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a little more about me

As a spiritual healer my focus has been on  Self Healing, Self Awareness & Personal Development A few years back I owned a healing center that was shall we say before it's time. It was truly a place of transformation for all that came to visit. People came from far and wide to tell their stories and bring their work for others to experience.  But then the time came for me to further my learning and I closed the  "HeartSoul" center to travel to the desert and learn more about nature and the healing abilities it holds. Over the last  decade I was charged with working with horses helping then manage through these shifting times.  I have always had the gift of being able to communicate with animals and had a love for horses since a little girl.  My greatest gift came into my life as a horse teacher to help me learn a deeper level of understanding of these great beings. So in a nutshell this has been my journey here, and now, it is time for me to merge all these experiences and knowings and bring them to those that feel called to work  with me for their own personal transformation.  I look forward to offering my services to you and walk this path  along with you for a period of time sharing your journey to wellness.

Here is a poem I've written to share with you. 

Wise Woman Copyright 9/15/03

Ask a WiseWomen For she knows the truth you seek She has traveled far and deep To bring to you the answers that you seek With heart, compassion & grace She brings to you strength to move forward Through the past and onward to the future You wish to create A Wise Woman sees in many states Offering you a way To heavens gates

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