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Horse Talk


I have been communicating with animals for as long as I remember.  But here is a review from one of my clients in her words that said it best:

I have a 23 year old horse that I had boarded at the same place for 11 years.  I moved away and so I had to move him as well which caused great anxiety for me and then of course for him.  After about 2 weeks I needed to know if he was feeling all right in his new place.  Even though he was close to me and I could see him every day, I was so anxious myself that that I couldn't trust what I was feeling.  Alyson was perfect to help me with this.  She described my horse to perfection.  Really nailed his personality.  She was able to "answer" all my questions and address my concerns.  She went beyond just that she gave me guidance and ideas that would help me with him.  That night after we spoke I felt all the anxiety slip away for the first time in weeks.  When I went to see him the next day I could feel the difference in me and in him.  We were on the same page again.  My confidence in trusting what I knew was back and he was clearly more comfortable knowing I understood.  I would tell anyone who has any concerns about their horse to call Alyson.  You and your horse will feel so much better.

By Francine & Geoffrey 

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